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What is the quickest and most efficient way to build a house?
Among conventional construction methods, a relatively new construction system based on the use of VST formwork is rapidly gaining popularity.

The VST formwork technology is a monolithic shell construction method whose formwork consists of cement-bonded particleboards (CBPB), which remain in the concrete structure as permanent formwork. VST formwork is made of 24-mm thick cement-bonded particleboards. Specially developed steel spacers are used as connecting elements, which are connected to the board with galvanized screws.

The VST system meets all technical and design requirements. In the West, this technology is used because of its short construction times and substantial labour savings.

Compared to precast concrete, VST panels are lightweight, resulting in savings on delivery and assembly costs. The use of a monolithic concrete core in the VST construction technology ensures that there will be no joints between the panels.
Comparison: VST system and precast concrete systems
The main advantages of VST technology over other formwork solutions are:
Reduced construction time and costs.
The VST system reduces construction time on site by up to 50% compared to other conventional systems. For example, a 700 m² floor requires only one week for an assembly team of 5 people.

Compact construction area
The VST system makes it possible to construct buildings in dense urban areas, as less space is required for the equipment. The panels are delivered and assembled simultaneously. Immediately after the concrete has reached its design strength, interior finishing works begin.

High quality
The VST system ensures high accuracy and excellent build quality. Consequently, it requires minimal interior finishing, resulting in considerable cost and time savings.

Cleanliness on the construction site
The amount of construction site waste is minimal when using the VST formwork technology and therefore the clean-up costs are low.

Use of low-capacity cranes
The low weight of the VST panels reduces delivery and assembly costs.

We recommend you to pay attention to VST technology, we are sure that this type of construction will not disappoint you.

cement bonded particle board VST technology permanent form CBPC
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