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What is a CBPB?
Applications of CBPB
CBPB is a cement-bonded particleboard with unique properties. It is a STRONG, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, DURABLE material of the new generation.

The boards are manufactured by pressure molding of mixture consisting of Portland cement, softwood chips, mineral additives and water.

Owing to their technical properties and quality characteristics, cement-bonded particleboards are widely used in construction, repairs, restoration and renovation works, as well as in architecture and interior design.

1. CBPB is environmentally friendly.

  • absence of harmful components in the composition;
  • suitable for balcony sheathing, replaces plastic which emits harmful substances when heated;
  • suitable for pet houses;
  • perfectly replaces a structural component of suspended ceilings;
  • due to its environmental sustainability, CBPB can be used for finishing of children's rooms and bedrooms;
  • in case of fire, carbon monoxide emission from the board is so small that it does not affect in any way the gas composition of the air in the room.

2. CBPB is a speed of execution.

  • increases the execution of many kinds of construction works (exterior and interior finishing: balcony finishing, facade, plinth, terrace cladding, etc.), thus, we get a multipurpose material that saves money and time, especially during prompt reconstruction and repair of buildings;
  • absence of wet processes allows to carry out construction works at any time of year.

3. CBPB is an increased sound insulation.

  • most of modern buildings require additional sound insulation, a suspended facade increases sound insulating properties of the building;
  • fences, including noise barriers along highways.

4. CBPB is an unusual color scheme.

  • beautiful modern facade;
  • you can replace an expensive natural stone, such as marble, with cement-bonded particleboard imitation.

5. CBPB is a long maintenance-free service life.

  • the material itself is rain, frost and ultraviolet resistant;
  • long maintenance-free service life compared to plaster facades;
  • due to specially designed fixing diagram of the suspended facade to the wall, the structure is able to absorb thermal deformation caused by daily and seasonal temperature variations. This allows avoiding internal stress in the cladding material and load-bearing structure, which excludes cracking and deterioration of cladding.

6. CBPB is an excellent moisture resistance.

  • can be used for wet rooms finishing: saunas, bathrooms, WC facilities, kitchens, basements.

7. CBPB is a comfortable indoor climate.

  • it is warm in winter and not hot in summer. Heat insulation and ventilated air gap increase the thermal stability of external walls;
  • in summer, a suspended facade serves as a sunscreen reflecting a significant part of the heat flux incident on it. This enhances comfort of the indoor climate reducing the load on the air conditioning systems.
  • in winter, the insulation prevents cooling of the wall.

8. It is comfortable and easy to work with CBPB.

  • easy to fix to the frame making holes with a regular drill;
  • stretching is not required, boards are strong, they are laid quickly forming flat surfaces;
  • thick boards are easy to cut with a circular saw with a disc for wood, thin ones – with a regular hand saw.

9. CBPB can be used in landscape design.

Finally, CBPB is energy and natural resources saving! Due to long service life, low maintenance costs and possibility of repair works, its use facilitates more rational use of energy resources.
Applications of CBPB

CBPB can be used both for interior and exterior finishing.

Exterior finishing:

  1. ventilated facades.
  2. fences and gazebos made of CBPB.
  3. pet houses.
  4. barbecue grills paneling.
  5. noise barriers for streets, highways, railway stations, manufacturing plants, etc.
  6. sandwich wall panels as facade elements with high quality external surface for the construction of residential, office and industrial buildings.
  7. foundations with stay-in-place formwork.
  8. main types of prefabricated modular buildings made of CBPB: administration buildings, schools, kindergartens, education facilities, canteens and cafeterias, hotels, motels and hostels, retail pavilions and markets, security posts or checkpoints, multipurpose production facilities.

Modular portable cabins can be supplemented with various sheds, facade decorations, roof and other elements. Modular buildings consist of robust steel frame, sandwich panel walls, exterior and interior finishing with laminated or painted cement-bonded particleboards.
Interior finishing:

  1. Ceiling paneling.
  2. Saunas, bathrooms, WC facilities.
  3. Kitchens.
  4. Basements.
  5. Windowsills.
  6. Spiral and flight stairs components (treads) fabrication.
  7. Partition walls fabrication.

As terrace decking:

  1. Garden paths.
  2. Parapets.

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